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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

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Q. Why should I hire a military veteran or spouse? A. Whether they served four years or 25 years, each veteran was provided some of the most advanced training in the world, learning skills like leadership, accountability, the ability to remain calm under pressure, problem solving, and teamwork. At all levels, service members are required to lead and be responsible for others – from watching a battle buddy, to leading a group of 100+ troops. Being in the military often demands that service members be decisive and take action. They must think on their feet to create outside-the-box solutions, sometimes in life-or-death situations.

Military spouses are also a great asset to employers. Their frequent moves, while sometimes viewed as a negative trait, mean they adapt well to new environments, possess unique skill sets, and have a large and diverse network. When their spouse is away on deployment, they learn to manage a career and a family, preparing them for high-stress situations in the workplace.

Q. How do I hire a veteran? A. The Hire Heroes USA Job Board is a great way to get connected with military members, veterans and military spouses who have received personalized career coaching and are actively seeking employment. Hire Heroes USA offers job posting and recruiter packages that will allow you to post jobs on our job board and search our resume database. To get started, please click here.

Q. How much does a job posting cost? A. The Hire Heroes USA Job Board offers a variety of job posting and recruiter packages at various price points. This ensures our ability to continue providing services to our veterans at no cost. Click here to view packages and pricing.

Q. Can I search your database of veteran resumes? How? A. The ability to search our resume database comes with every job posting package. If you already have an account, simply login to get started.

Q. What payment options are available through the Hire Heroes USA Job board? A. We accept all major credit card payments directly through our Job Board. We also offer invoicing. If you have posted with us before, your package will be activated upon receipt of payment. If this is your first time posting on our Job Board, please call 844-634-1520, or email to activate your posting and complete a brief assessment with an Account Manager. Until this step is completed, your payment will not be processed and your job will not be posted on the job board.

Q. How can I ensure that veterans and military spouses will see my posting? A. In your job posting, be as descriptive as possible. Include city, state, zip (the most common search factors) and include keywords that best describe the position for which you are hiring. We encourage you to tailor the description to veterans and military spouses specifically, explaining why you are interested in hiring them.

Q. When will my listing appear on the Job Board and how long will it be active? A. After activating your package, it may take up to (1) hour for your posting to go live on our website. All job postings are active for (30) days.

Q. No one has applied to my job posting yet. Is my ad posted correctly? A. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a job posting will be matched with a veteran candidate. This process is contingent upon candidate interest, geographic availability, and commensurate skill sets required to perform the job. If you would like assistance identifying candidates for your posting, contact our Account Manager at: 844-634-1520, or email us at:

Q. My username/password is not working. What should I do? A. Your username is the email address you signed up with ( If you have forgotten your password, contact us at: 844-634-1520, or email: for assistance.


Q. Why can't I access the Hire Heroes USA Job Board? A. Military members, veterans and military spouses won't be granted access to the Job Board until you have registered for Hire Heroes USA's free services and completed a resume with one of our Veteran Transition Specialists. Once you are granted access, you will be able to post your resume for employers to view and to apply to job postings.

Q. Will Hire Heroes USA get me a job? A. Hire Heroes USA offers career counseling services at no cost to military members, veterans and military spouses who register. There is no guarantee that our services will result in a job offer, but we are committed to working with you one-on-one until you have found employment that meets your needs.

Q. What is the difference between a "partnered employer" and a "non-partnered employer"? A. Hire Heroes USA has relationships with "partnered employers" that allow us to directly present them job seekers' resumes for certain positions. We highly recommended that you first tailor your resume to the job of interest and then apply via the link provided in the job posting. When this is complete, please let your Veteran Transition Specialist know that you have applied for the job and would like to also be presented to the employer. Hire Heroes USA will then reach out to our point of contact.

For positions listed under "Non-Partnered Employer," we are unable to present your resume to them directly. If you are interested in any of these positions, it is recommended that you tailor your resume to the job posting and apply via the link provided, since that will increase your chances for consideration.

Q. Why is it important to tailor my resume for the position that I'm applying to? A. 90% of companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to sift through candidate applications and resumes. ATSs search for keywords from the job description to make sure an applicant is a good match. The closer your resume matches the employer's desired experience in the job description, the more likely your resume will move beyond the initial ATS screenings and to a hiring manager. Important: Don't copy & paste the job description directly from the employer's posting - this is considered a red flag!

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