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USS San Jose passing under the Golden Gate Bridge on her way out to sea.

USS San Jose AFS-7



I'm a service-connected disabled Navy Veteran. During my tour of duty, I've served aboard the USS San Jose ASF-7 and the USS Tuscaloosa LST-1187 as well as other stations.  Here is the story of how my TrueAmericanVeteran website came to be.


Like so many Americans, Veterans in particular, I was sick and tired of the lies, corruption and politics coming from Washington DC.  With politicians more concerned about doing what they needed to to stay in power, the welfare of our great country was rapidly deteriorating  I believe Donald J Trump being elected President in 2016 was the right man for the job of President at the right time in history.

I have been to two Trump Rally's and seen first hand the massive support by the thousands & thousands of everyday Americans for this President.  I've watched the liberal left and mainstream media fake news try their all to destroy this man and his Presidency.  I felt I had to do something, so as a hobby, I decided to use what limited creative & design skills I have and do my part to help arm any & every person with the ability to demonstrate their support through t-shirts, hats, buttons, stickers and other apparel.


I feel so much can be conveyed through a message on a t-shirt, hat or bumper sticker and I design apparel that demonstrates support for President Trump and calls out the mainstream media "fake news".  By clicking on a tab above, you can browse customizable products geared specifically for that  tab.   

Here's what you'll find on each page.


"VeteransHonorShop" - All things for Veterans and their loved ones including Veteran apparel such as t-shirts, hats, buttons and more all geared toward honoring our Veterans and their families. If you have a Veteran in your life, you'll find something here.

"PhoneWrapsNCovers" - This page is for original one of a kind ipone and Samsung cases.  Many of these cases have come from photos I have taken and turned into a design image for a case and are customizable.

"AllPraiseToJesus" - On this page you'll find Christian t-shirts and other Christian apparel all with a faith building or conversation starting message.

"Team_Deplorable" - These designs are designed for our #MAGA, Pro President Trump, Q anon and anti Mainstream Media friends

My blog is a wealth of information that, as a Veteran myself, believe is beneficial information for Veterans and their families.

Thank you for looking.

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